Mindfulness Coaching

You can schedule individual mindfulness coaching sessions with me, if you've already gone through the MBSR or MBCT course and would like to explore a more personalized approach to your practice to meet your particular circumstances.  This option is open to you as well if you have an established mindfulness practice, but haven't taken the 8-week course. 

For those who've not yet completed the course, the offering is somewhat different. Please see below for more information about the 8-week MBSR on an individual basis, and contact me if you're interested in other training possibilities. 


individual 8-week mbsr course

Attending the full 8-week MBSR course is not always possible, but we may wish to have the guidance and structure of the traditional course to work through the material. Either for reasons related to a desire to work outside the group context, or a need for more flexibility in your study, individual mindfulness coaching sessions with a certified MBSR teacher, following the structure of the MBSR, could be an option for you.

IMC offers the opportunity to gain mindfulness training, following the traditional structure of the evidence-based 8-week MBSR course program.

IMC is a good option if you’re interested in:

  • Prefer a more flexible approach that can account for a busy schedule

  • If you benefit from having one-to-one instruction and training, in which you can explore personal issues and questions that arise

  • You wish to follow the curriculum of the traditional 8-week MBSR program with a certified MBSR teacher

  • You appreciate the flexibility and personal attention of a one-to-one approach

IMC MBSR course structure

This 8-week MBSR course would take place via Zoom (online), in 1-1.5 hour sessions, once per week for 8 weeks.  Each meeting will be structured around a theme in the MBSR program, following the traditional course structure. 

A key element of the IMC, as with the traditional course, are the home practice assignments (30-40 minutes per day), which form the foundation of your practice.  For those who are committed to bringing a mindful practice into their daily lives, this can be understood as the training part of learning any kind of new skill. This time your skill is tapping into your inherent wisdom. The time you dedicate is the bread and butter that lends itself to a sustainable practice.  You will receive a handbook and guided meditations (available on my website or as MP3s) to guide you through the practices.    

IMC sessions

If you've already taken the course, or would like some guidance and coaching with your practice, you can elect to book individual mindfulness coaching sessions.