Why Meditation is my Non-Negotiable

What if there were something that could call you back to yourself, give you a feeling of homecoming without traveling anywhere, remind you of your deeper values and provide you with the balance and clarity needed to live from those values?

What if there were something that could give you a moment's pause before you did or said that thing you'd later regret saying or doing, or act out of overwhelm and frustration towards your children when all you really need is a little space?

This tool has, for me, become the single most important non-negotiable in my life.  I'll explain why...

You may know that mindfulness also means "to remember." That is, to awaken from the haze of habitual and automatic thought and behavior in order to inhabit your embodied life fully in this moment in time and space. 

For me, it's also about a re-membering.  Sitting in my body and calling back to myself the mental and emotional energy that I can often attach to the past, the future, and to every other life except the one that I'm inhabiting here and now.  This life.  Right here. 

We've actually evolved to forget those things that aren't sustained, practiced, and focused on with consistency.  Chances are, if you're a human being living in the modern world, you've practiced being busy, not slowing down, overriding your mental/emotional and physical boundaries, and otherwise dissociating from your own life for a long time.

Meditation is your invitation back to your own life.  It's the time and the space to be in your body and connect with the life that is here.

What do you want from this life?  Who do you wish to be in the world? How do you wish to be in the world?  With the people you love. How do you wish to feel?

The clarity and insight you need to live your life connected with what matters most to you - what you want to remember - is born from our connection to ourselves. 

Meditation is your invitation to re-connection.  For me, it's what creates the present state of mind that helps in my connection with my husband and children.  It's the practice that has give me CHOICE about how I wish to respond to the circumstances in my life, and the people in my life. 

Meditation is my non-negotiable.  And it's an invitation.  Are you going to accept it?